Central Nuclear Core

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Central Nuclear Core

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While often misunderstood as fission-related, the Central Nuclear Core generally refers to the "dedicated" group of people that remained in SMB City during even the most bleak periods in its history.

The most notable of these times was during Stagnation, considered to be one of the Alternate Demises of SMB City. Despite SMB City being comparable to a ghost-town, these members remained, continuing to check for returning citizens or new passerbys, and often not even talking amongst each other until some event as such prompted a flurry of discussion.

It is nearly impossible to determine who might have been considered part of the Central Nuclear Core, as with each person what events deemed worthy of discussion is variable. Figuring whether a member was present and simply not actively participating (or whether they fled the city and eventually returned to reclaim their place), is nearly impossible.

There have been several suggestions regarding why the Central Nuclear Core remained:

Mental Instability - Simple chemical imbalances in the brain caused the Central Nuclear Core to remain. Brain chemistry simply didn't allow them to separate themselves. It has been suggested by some scientists that this may not have been a natural disease but was caused by the enforced vaccinations of the <<Interstellar STI Vaccination Act>>.

Social Ineptitude - The lack of any social skills forced members to remain with the only social outlet they had. No other community, internet or otherwise, would accept them, and thus they remained, waiting for glances of human interaction.

Dedication to Zach The Magnificent - Undying devotion to Zach and all of his projects and edicts prompted the Central Nuclear Core to remain. This has often been tied to membership in the <<Temple of Moloch (and his buddy Jesus)>> of which Zach would've been considered church father.

This dedication also manifested itself elsewhere. Some of the Central Nuclear Core (as well as other SMB Citizens) also held membership in the <<Fraternity of Superheros>>, which was a short-lived offshoot community dedicated to Zach the Magnificent's creation of a race of superheros, including one Captain Excelsior.

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