Chason the Obstreperous

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Chason the Obstreperous

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Chason the Obstreperous

Despite being a fairly inactive citizen of the <<Early Forum Years>>, Chason quickly gained himself a reputation among the Regulars of being an obnoxious, opinionated user.

Seemingly he was an acquaintance of Zach the Magnificent and Martholomew the Maleficent in their lives away from the Forum, though the relationship with each of the two has been hotly debated for generations.

Jumping into the fray with his malformed analogies and terrible usage of what was still considered then the “English Language”, Chason revealed his contempt for our Zach the Conservator through his openly hostile remarks about Zach’s ability to create art and humour, specifically targeting the holy and ever-expanding relic known only as the <<Tome of SMBC>>.[1]

Strangely his hostility was never really questioned by other Forum-goers, and in late 2005 when he arrived sporting his extremely blasphemic attitude, he managed to escape Sherriff Dani’s infamous “Banishments of 2005”.

Long-questioned also was his relationship with Zach’s brother Martholomew, and it even seemed to motivated Zach enough to document this with a brief animating stint whereby he created a sub-chapter of the Tome of SMBC relating to Trolls, using Chason as an example Lead Character.[2]

The ‘comic’ storyline revealed several instances where Martholomew was seen performing favours for Chason. One such example was the replacement of his entire spinal column due to an incident where the evil-robot-made-out-of-two-of-Chason’s-angered-ex’s ripped his spine out in order to kill him. See below for reference:


This gave rise to years of questioning into Martholomew’s secret experiments and motivations, since it was well known then that Chason was moving further towards a distinctly anti-Zach mentality.

Despite Chason’s mysterious disappearance from the Forum in early 2006, around the same time as Sherriff Dani’s presumed-assassination, the spotlight still focused on Martholomew until 2010 when he too disappeared.[3]

Author’s Notes:

Though it has been a sore point of conjecture among many scholars, this scholar believes that Chason returned silently to SMB City in the later years on the 2040’s and was a significant, if invisible player in the formation and motivation of the ZCD[4] which ultimately resulted in the short-lived SMB Civil War and subsequently the Apostasy Trials of 2051-2052.

The similarities between the ZCD’s actions and the behaviour of Chason in the Early Years are many, though no corroborating evidence to support this supposition can be found.

[1] – Zach’s legacy, known back then as the “online comic"; the meaning of the acronym is not yet known.

[2] – This sub-text within the Tome of SMBC has spawned several cults, both in the worship and hatred of Chason. The most successful may have been a political backer behind the ZCD Party, though that’s purely conjecture. Needless to say, the aims of Zach to document this public menace for future reference had a double-edged sword effect, spawning followers of both sides of the story.

[3] – It is believed that Martholomew disappeared as a result of the stress and upset caused during the inquisition against him, to return some years later with The App of Wonders.

[4] – The Zach Can’t Draw Political Party.
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