Engineer Recruitment

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Engineer Recruitment

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During the summer of 2008 a contest occurred between the citizens of SMBC regarding a physics puzzle called Fantastic Contraption. This contest had a simple goal: to move an object from its starting point to an area designated. Contestants were only able to use different wheels and rods, and had only a small area in which to build a contraption that would move the object to its goal. Each level of the contest had different challenges and became increasingly difficult.
The people were consumed by the contest. Side challenges were set up regarding efficiency of contraption, method of delivery and other expansions on the given rules.

What the citizenry did not know at the time was that the entire contest was created by Zach the Magnificent to single out the most talented engineers and recruit them for his own engineering purposes. Zach had already begun to see the inciting events that would lead to the Blogosphere Offensive and desired to develop war machines and technology that would aid in conquering all of the internet. Through clever editing and mind-control he allowed them to believe that the contest had been spontaneous and for entertainment purposes.

The "contest" went extremely well, and to Zach's excitement, one member stood out in particular. TwoBuy's prowess at efficiency and economically viable designs prompted Zach to offer him a job. However, as he already worked for the largest empire in the known world, he was reticent to take the position. Zach the Infallible did not find this acceptable and had TwoBuy kidnapped and locked in a large warehouse where he could develop the weaponry need for the coming wars, known as <<Project 2Bi>>. TwoBuy was seldom heard from after that point, the general populace thinking he had simply "logged off".

Project 2Bi's most well-known accomplishment was the feared Dreadnought, unveiled in 2054, capped by the largest and most magnificent of the ships, the SFNS Tucker's Mom.

Another notable design was the discovery of spam-based energy, specifically in respect to the <<Nuclear Spam Fission>>, where two links collide causing an explosion of energy, which when harnessed properly can be used to power nearly anything. While not as visible as Tucker's Mom, this was the technology ultimately responsible for the many victories of Zach the Magnificent as the power could be used on a small and large scale.

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Re: Engineer Recruitment

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I'd like to note that my ancestor, Field Marshal mountainmessiah, was the head of the contest committee.
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