Should I bring it back? Should I bring THEM back?

Everything else.

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Should I bring Mutton chops back?

Yep! But I'm only saying this because I like that Justin Timberlake song of similar lyrics!
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Yeah! You'd be like a fucking god to me!
Totally! If you did, you'd be practically smothering yourself in willing vaginas!
Yes! I guess?
Go for your life! I don't care, I'll be laughing no matter the outcome! Gosh, I'm jolly!
Probably not the best idea you've had, Simon.. I think it may be a flight of fancy. You should ponder that for a while and come back to me when you've got the answer you think is best. It isn't a good idea to rush decisions like this.
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What are you retarded? You got a brain tumour or something? That's fucking stupid.
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That's the worst idea you've ever had! Even though I only know you sparingly through an internet forum and this might be the first idea I've ever heard of yours... Worst!
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I will rape everyone you've ever loved, Simon.. The Muttonchops are a good idea though. Gosh darnit your brother is attractive.
That's stupid! You're stupid! I'm fairly certain this poll option isn't even needed! But I'll waste my vote on it anyway! Wheeeeeeee.
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TwoBuy wrote:I'd also like to point everyone's attention to the new guy's short signature. Well done actually looking at the forum before signing up and posting stuff.

That said, get off my fucking forum, FOLLOW THE TRENDS! Newbs are supposed to screw up first so we can correct them.
Yes, but what does it mean? Cuz I don't get it.

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Hey, Field of Dreams says I'm solid here.

Zach built funny comics, so here I am.

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