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Nice works.

I personally liked Jaydee's more. It's that crazy depth thing, gets me every time. Hilarity to boot.

I got around to doing one myself--

It?s yesterday, and I?m thirsty. Why, you noticed me? Because I?m a geewj. I?m on my way to meet myself at a wormhole, boy, that?s going to be fun. You can tell I?m really confused about this, can?t you? No? Well I am. Let me explain it to your boy, Howdy--

I had to sleep with my grandma to become my own gandfather to get time off of space prison so that I could make this one way exit event. Otherwise I?d be locked in my office, losing my virginity right out the ass.

[breif intermission]


[/brief intermission]

Heh, yeah I know, I?m a bit of a paradoxial arse, but who isn?t on the inside? My friends tell me that they don't even know who I am, but I recognize them. Of course, I?d still have to get my mum to believe I never existed, because she?s always been a bit crazy when it came to kids, and I wouldn?t want her raising the anti-christ and ruining my hard earned heaven time. Still, the apocalypse must go on. And who am I to complain?

But you don?t want me to start fucking getting f'ing philosophical on you. I have a nasty habit of digging my hole too deep. So if I start to quote God, tell me so I can stretch it out a bit (with massage oil). I did that once at a hotel when I was in my late twenties, the waiter looked at me expecting something after she?d served us, of course I knew she was looking for a 'miracle'. But I wasn?t about to tell God my hard ...'facts' weren't given to him (No offense God, I just don't swing that way). So I stood there thrusting my pelvis towards heaven, until she ran right out the manger.

Mary: "Serves him right too."
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While I liked Jaydee's first one better, for this Mad Libs one I prefer Crazes. I appreciate the tie-in.
Also, thanks for the reddening, mage. I appreciate it.

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Simon. wrote:laughing at[/color] my war criminal record right out the GAS JEWS.
Man, that gas Jews really got to me. So funny. It was like a flashback to Dr. Strangelove and his Nazi Tourettes or whatever that was.

I'm definitely using that today. "Hey Jim, did you finish the PM spec for GAS JEWS! Sorry, I mean the PM spec for the ADW features. I'd really like a copy if you can KIKES TO THE OVENS!"
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no problem! Only now do I realize I can just quote them next time with all of their red already in. :?
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