Our forum has been infringed!

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Our forum has been infringed!

Post by mountainmage »

Well if we have any fans of the Boondocks, a certain fictional rapper named "Thugnificent" is apparently in a band called "Lethal Interjection."

Copyright Infringement? Or, more likely, no one knows Lethal exists except us.
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Lethal Interjection
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Post by Lethal Interjection »

That's awesome. I didn't know that, and I have enjoyed some Boondocks, back in the day (really I've just watched a bunch of the first season). There is also apparently a real band that exists called Lethal Interjection. I've come across them at some point on a web search on the name at some point.
I will mention that this was an original thought, not copied from anyone else, something I came up with for the title of my blog a couple of years ago (which hasn't been updated in months, though I have a few things I've been meaning to write).

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Post by cheez.wiz »

Great minds think alike. Or so they say.

But now we know that even normal* minds think alike.

*i don't want to depreciate you though**
** but you did not invent the relativity theory y'know? Some lad, Eistein did. And he was jewish.***
***Man, i hope i won't offend someone. I mean... Seriously...
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Post by TwoBuy »

Lethal Interjection wrote:I have enjoyed some Boondocks
I haven't

Lethal Interjection wrote:I will mention that this was an original thought, not copied from anyone else
Yeah, I made sure TwoBuy was a google splat before I started using it to avoid these kind of things.
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