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Re: This is the subject line

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ruotwocone wrote:that's right, i saw The Rescuers Down Under[/size]

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ruotwocone wrote:indeed... the seahawks game was freakin' fantastic. Also i still hold that the seahawks would have held on 4th down even if the snap hadn't been bobbled
It is certainly possible. Just nice that Seattle took it regardless.
I also managed to catch the first three quarters of last nights game (still sick). I probably would've fallen asleep if I wouldn't have turned it off. It was actually a pain for me, really. My roomate ended up winning his fantasy week last night due to the fact that Miami held them to low scoring. He was up on the leader of the league by 4 points going in to last night, and if it would've been a 40yarder or a bunch of extra points or whatever, he would've lost. On the other hand, the other league I'm in, I was up on the leader by 8 points, but because it is PPR, Ward did better than Parker (same yardage) and I thought I lost (but because of an adjustment, we ended up tieing.).

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