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TwoBuy wrote:I got a 50-foot pole, and nope, still not gunna.
What you need is a 50-foot barge pole. Those things are much more useful.
Not a big fan of signatures.

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Lethal Interjection wrote:
I completely agree. Ignoring skin colour and cultural difference is to a degree racism in and of itself. Sometimes the extreme political correctness can be more racist than out and out racism. It can come off as extremely patronizing (which, just regarding general life, I generally prefer to be insulted to patronized).
On the other hand, accentuating your skin colour and cultural difference is nearly as ridiculous. Basically when it becomes black on white racism. Which is why I'm not all that keen on Mr. Barack Obama. The church he attends* has been a rather stark example of that (which I had read about well before it all blew up). Personally, I don't see the point of the type of segregation that comes with this kind of view.
Why can't we simply exist together, without hate or ignorance?

*Apparently my concern has been the concern of plenty more, as apparently he, as recently this past weekend, announced he was leaving after 20 years of attending.
I think you'll find that hatred is usually fueled by ignorance. That's an interesting take on racism you both have. An example of this is affirmative action - in trying to create equal employment opportunity all they're doing is nurturing a resent from those being overlooked. If I had a problem with black people before, it's not going to get better when someone with less skill and experience than myself is taking my job.

By the way, you guys do this far too often.

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Jaydee wrote:.

Oh my God, shut up you moron. Pauline Hanson was not racist, she was wrongly interpreted by racists. Perhaps you got caught up in the media and don't make your own opinions, just like most racists?
Have you been to Katherine? Drunk aboriginals generally line the streets everyday. If they were white people I should hope someone as fucking smart as Pauline Hanson brought attention to it as well. What does it take for commen sense to attach itself to the common persons brain.

A strong hate was born for you just now Sahan.
:shock: Wow. I'm kinda stunned. Not the bit about you hating me, but the whole angry outburst. This is my opinion, and it was made my careful deliberation and with a lot of thought involved*. Maybe it's not racism, but all this unnecessary fear and anger has been causing a lot of trouble lately. When it comes to my opinions, I am usually my biggest skeptic, so no I didn't jump on the bandwagon. People in the media can be right once in a while, you know?

I actually did visit Katherine last year (this is the one in NT yeah?), and I didn't see these lines of Aborigines. I was referring more to her policies on immigration based on ethnic-discrimination anyhow. Also I don't think any of her policies we really designed to make life better for the Aborigines.

*I had to do an English essay on it, alright?
Destructicus wrote: Alt text:
"I wonder if chemists feel bad that they're always left out of these sorts of jokes."

Since when is chemistry not a science?

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