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TwoBuy wrote:I work in the security group at Microsoft and can tell you without fail that this is the best advice anyone will ever get about computers ever. You will get zero viruses, zero malwares, zero bad stuff. You computer will run stable for 6+ years without the need for an OS reinstall rather than the 2-3 years a machine gets when you log in as an administrator every day. Anyone on this forum not taking this advice is dumber than a butt.
Yeah, I remember you giving that advice a long time ago. Can't remember the reason though. I tried to take it, but it was just too much trouble changing over from my admin account. I'm pretty solid on my lack of viruses though. Never had one, and the only reason I lost all my hard drive data once, was because I was dumber than a butt*.

*Actually, the reason I accidentally deleted it, was because I made a second account, as per your first advice to have a non-admin in use. So really, I should be blaming you, as nothing could ever be my own fault!
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