Post some bumping ass music for me destroy my ears to

Everything else.

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cheez.wiz wrote:Maybe, just maybe, it's better not to ask...
Yet somehow we can never restrain ourselves. sigh
Stories from 19-yo mistresses
Hey girl whats up
A drunk driver hit my blind, 12-yo sister on her way home from school. Im @ the funeral
That wasnt a joke dick-hole
Sooooo... my gf will be out of town Wednesday. U gunna be back by then?

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HARDKORE wrote:Sorry i only listen to the japan music but here is a good one from youtube.
Visual Kei?

Edit: Angus and Julia Stone = top dawg, yo.
and []Penfold Gate[url]
BTY. [Better than you]

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No i just gew up singing that song for some reason. THats the kind of music we got here in KY and boy did i hear that song a lot.

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