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Re: Ach, mein eyes!

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Sahan wrote:
ruotwocone wrote:because let's face it, 7 and a half centimeters just makes it sound like it's bigger and you want to impress chicks as classy as Frostbite's dead mother.
Funny, that doesn't make it sound bigger to me. Converting it into inches makes it sound like it's smaller for me. Go figure.

To irk Edminister some more, what I am currently disliking is I don't know how to go straight to the unread posts in a thread. If I haven't looked at the forum in a while, figuring out where the new stuff starts requires either a lot of guesswork or having to read the entire thread or both pretty much.
I assume Australia is metric? Canadia is technically metric, though our proximity to the US tends to give us a bit of mix. I think in feet and inches for short distances but kilometres for longer ones and a bastardization combination of yards and metres for medium distances (other systems of measurement don't come into my life, though volume I'm pretty much exclusively metric) . This has become even more pronounced since my increased interest in the NFL over the past 6 or so years.

Your criticism is valid. I have noticed that finding new posts is currently more difficult than before. Not quite as pronounced, especially if you've been absent for a few days. Also, for the record, I can't stand the "hot topics" animation for topics. Just because it hits multiple pages does not make it a hot topic. Especially on this board.

And I judge post quality by reverse-symbiosis.

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