For anyone in the LA area

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For anyone in the LA area

Post by wolf »

Please tell me one of you people lives in LA.

Bobby Crosby is paying someone $50 a punch. Be Bobby's intern!
Whenever an update is missed because I failed to get the script to the artist in time, a "filler" post will go up instead, which will be a video of me getting punched very hard by my intern. And since I'm writing a million comics, I could really get the crap beaten out of me if I simply go a few days without working. Punch details will be worked out later, but they will clearly be painful and real, filmed from multiple angles.
You should live in the Los Angeles area or be willing to travel. Martial arts training is a plus, and it helps if you're female (more embarrassing), but not required. You'll be paid $50 per punch, so you would have already made over $3,600 this year just for beating me up.
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Re: For anyone in the LA area

Post by LordRetard »

This is the only time that I will ever be upset about not living in LA.

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