One Big Happy Family

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Re: One Big Happy Family

Post by Apocalyptus »

Can't we share him? I'm sure there's enough Cirtur for the both of us. Maybe some sort of time-share arrangement?
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Re: One Big Happy Family

Post by Edminster »

I guess I might be able to part with him for one week of the year as long as you're willing to pay me USD75 yearly. But you're only able to visit him during the third week of June and you have to pay a premium if you want to change that week to one during a more popular time of year.
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Re: One Big Happy Family

Post by LordRetard »

Cirtur is already booked solid through the Christmas holidays. Act now!

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Re: One Big Happy Family

Post by Cirtur »

Christmas is when I dress up as Santa!

Also, I want a cut of this USD 75.

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