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Re: Australians

Post by Oldrac the Chitinous »

Nah, it's cool, nobody likes those guys.
Police said they spent some time working out if they could charge the man with being armed with a weapon, as technically he was armed with part of a fish.

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Re: Australians

Post by Cirtur »

Ok good, I'm kind of having a crab sandwich right now.

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Re: Australians

Post by Kimra »

The crab was the king piece. That meant they all had to sacrifice themselves to save him. I think this is why Oldrac is cool with it.
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Re: Australians

Post by Apocalyptus »

Kimra wrote:On a side note, I have had a lot of problem in my childhood distinguishing the difference between a 'pawn' and a 'prawn', it let for some interesting chess battles.
Don't worry, even computers with an IQ of 3000 have that problem.
Kimra wrote:Next they'll be denying us the right to say "We'll rape your arse if you don't come to this fucken country."

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