Your concern is touching!

Everything else.

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Re: Your concern is touching!

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That doesn't even sound like real words.
DonRetrasado wrote:
Amerika wrote:
DonRetrasado wrote:Well you'd need a sock as big as an airplane to hide my penis. An airplane the size of the universe.
Wait I live in a universe.
bow chicka bow wow

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Re: Your concern is touching!

Post by Frostbite »

It's probably made up. By heathens.
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Re: Your concern is touching!

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Kimra wrote:Next they'll be denying us the right to say "We'll rape your arse if you don't come to this fucken country."

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Re: Your concern is touching!

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Kimra wrote:Tell us what turns you on. No really. Tell us.
This is deadsexy, or at least it would be if it wasn't 3d. I'm not sure how to feel about that yet.

Why is 3d ruining everything?
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