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Re: Let's Talk About Our Jobs!

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I work for a software company, specifically for the part of it that makes software for banks.

Right now I am visiting a customer in South Africa. In ZA everything is fenced and secured anyway, but banks' data centers even more so, of course. So how to get in? Drive up to the massive gate, ring the bell and talk them into letting opening that gate. Drive in, be stopped by a second gate. Talk to someone, sign in to a list. Get through the second gate and park. Get in. Talk to a receptionist. They call the contact to come down and pick you up. Put laptop and other devices through a scanner like those in airports and walk through a metal detector. Sign into another list. Register the serial number of the laptop with them. Contact person walks into one lock, gets finger scanned to open the other side. I walk through a different lock that is operated from the outside.

But the really annoying part is that the office is again secured by another fingerprint-protected door. When I go out to get something to drink I cannot get back in by myself.
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