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When works for you for the next Skype Chat?

Poll ended at Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:04 pm

Saturday 7am Eastern NA/9pm Sydney
No votes
Sunday 5am Eastern NA/7pm Sydney
I will come for either choice
I can only make it if the time is a bit different than the ones given, but I promise I'll come if you change it (please elaborate if you choose this option)
No votes
None of this really applies to me, I just like answering polls
Total votes: 8

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Skype Chat poll

Post by smiley_cow »

I wanted to know 2 things: which day worked better, and if enough people could make it to make it worth getting up that early.* I'll go with whichever day gets the most votes.

The Saturday would be June 25th, the Sunday would be June 26th. The poll is set for 3 days. If anyone has any suggestions or comments feel free to leave them.

The poll is set for 3 days so I can set an actual date before the day in question, so you have until mid Friday(NA), the end of Friday (AU) to vote.

*I promise, it doesn't actually take many. I just want to make sure there'll actually be a skype chat before I get myself up at 4 in the morning. Forgive my paranoia, the forum's been a bit dead lately.
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Re: Skype Chat poll

Post by Lethal Interjection »

I probably won't make it to either, even with a time change. I'm feeling a little swamped with stuff to do for my vacation, which is only about 2 weeks away now.

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Re: Skype Chat poll

Post by Kimra »

I'll show up. I may be mostly unconscious if it's my morning time, but I'll show
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Re: Skype Chat poll

Post by Apocalyptus »

I'll probably be more likely to make it on the Sunday (Melbourne/Sydney time), I guess. If it's on the Saturday I'll make an attempt, but I won't be able to make any guarantees.
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