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You must not have got the recall notice.
William Osler wrote: "We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."

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HARDKORE wrote:You must not have got the recall notice.
That was peter pan.
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mountainmage wrote:
HARDKORE wrote:You must not have got the recall notice.
That was peter pan.
Why did Peter Pan have panpipes, while Peter Piper got stuck with a flute?
It's an injustice.
BTY. [Better than you]

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Because Peter Pan is plainly, a pedo pansy. Pan pipes go with the alliteration.

Peter Piper on the other hand, enjoyed the company of older women (and sometimes farm animals) so he got the flute.

Watch out for Peter Pan... And his Peanut Butter...

Why do you think Captain Hook was so upset with him? He kept molesting the lost boys. And Tink just helped bring more to him. Damn you Peter Pan. Damn you.
How DARE you bring joy and laughter to the smiling faces of children everywhere. Purveyors of hope and all that is pure in the world, DIE DIE DIE!!

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