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Another name.

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:25 am
by moet36
This time for a cocktail, rather than a crab*. There's a competition at work, where all of us on the bar get to make a cocktail, and have a certain night to sell it, and the person who sells the most gets their cocktail on the next menu, with our name next to it. I'm going with this-

30ml butterscotch schnapps
15ml Creme de cacao
30ml cream
served in highball glass.

So essentially it's a butterscotch tasting milk drink. And yes we're only allowed 45ml of alcohol, so it can't have any extra. Anyway I need a name for it. I was considering something "beatles song" ish, like "Butterscotch lane" Or something like that. But it's not the best. Thoughts?