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we_are_138 wrote:Who were your Old heros?
The people that make the tiny condiment packets for fast food restaurants. With permisson, I'd say those people were awesome.

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and if i may, i would say that they're hgqeuerawesome*

*hgqeuer counts as a silent letter.

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Ive never gave those people much thought, the unsung heros of fast food.
They are indeed awesome.
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wolf wrote:
hawhaw1267 wrote:I have Mommy and Daddy Are Never Coming Back. When will you make a part two? That one had a sad ending, so part two HAS to make everything better...right?
If by "make everything better" you mean little Billy growing up to be a mentally unbalanced adult, after being moved from one foster home to another after his aunt "mysteriously disappears", who climbs up to a church bell tower and kills everyone in his path before turning the gun on himself, then yes everything turns out alright in the end.
Yes!!! EXCELLENT! *High Five* 8)

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