Seafood v Bulbmusic5

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Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Edminster »

Seafood (Mod Battle):
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by FengharTheNord »

Bulb of course.
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by wolf »

Bulbmusic5 partly for the seal comment and partly because I can see his stick body through his clothes
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Asherian »

I vote seafood because I'm to lazy to read bulbs. Plus he's never posted, so he'll be easy to crush in later rounds.. right?
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Phoenix »

While bulb's was impressive, Seafood's artistic skills really blew me out of the water.... lol.

I vote bulb.

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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by smiley_cow »

I vote for Bulb.
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by AHMETxRock »

Don't be silly. IF "lol mod battle" can win, I'd have a better chance progressing not showing up at all.
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Neglected Shoe »

I vote bulb, because he made me chuckle and become slightly aroused.
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by mountainmage »

Bulb gets my vote.
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Snarky00 »

Seafood - because the text is readable and I like smiley faces.

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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by mypoorbrain »

Bulb, for trying to clothe a stick person. Admirable effort.

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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Kimra »

I'm gonna vote Bulb because he wrote a song! That's worth, like, 50 wins! (no I don't play music, so I can't actually hear what this song sounds like, but I'm gonna pretend it goes well with the mozart I'm currently listening to)
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Sevans »

Bulbmusic, despite the fact that it's hard to read.
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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Seafood »

ok, so ...

I would like to appologise for me not participating in this for the whole time althought I signed in. I sort of screwed it up with not reading the dates of this battle, then went away for over a week (with no internet), and now that I returned and wanted to submit at least something I found out that some mod already submited a comic instead of me. Well never mind, thank you good soul . And feel free to flame me.

Btw , I vote for Bulbmusic :D

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Re: Seafood v Bulbmusic5

Post by Sahan »

Bulbmusic, sorry Seafood for walking in on this a bit too late.
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