Davoid v. Signious

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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by Kimra »

Signious - even though the excuse was ubber long, I liked the skin wearing.
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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by Sevans »

I gotta go with Signious. Davoid's art was nicer, but urine is rarely, if ever, a metaphor for greatness. (We just don't have the highly developed olfactory glands that cats, dogs, and other animals do).
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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by Sahan »

I feel for you Signious, but I also wouldn't want Davoid to bomb out either being a webcomic artist and all. But I don't play TF2 so I don't get the joke. In the end, I'm sorry but I have to go with Signious.
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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by Khazd »

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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by Rooso »

Davoid... I think he already threw a bottle of awesome on my car as I was driving under the overpass last week.
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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by ruotwocone »

Davoid. the second one seemed like a lesson in how awesome davoid was.

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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by TwoBuy »

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Hey girl whats up
A drunk driver hit my blind, 12-yo sister on her way home from school. Im @ the funeral
That wasnt a joke dick-hole
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Re: Davoid v. Signious

Post by Lethal Interjection »

Another great pair of entries. I'm gonna vote Davoid.