Round Two Results!

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Round Two Results!

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So apparently this was round two for my bracket as well, which explains why Seafood got a Mod Battle (despite having not shown up last round). Anyway, here are the results!

Asherian v. Bye
Winner: Asherian

LordRetard v. Rooso
Winner: Rooso
LR: 3 Rooso: 17

Seafood v. bulbmusic5
Winner: bulbmusic5
Seafood: 2 bulbmusic: 17

Phoenix v. HawHaw
Winner: Phoenix
Phoenix: 11 HawHaw: 6 Ed: 1

Sevans v. drakken22
Winner: Sevans
Sevans: 19 drakken: 3

davoid v. Signious
Winner: Signious
davoid: 9 Signious: 13

Thomas Aquinas v. Untrustable
Winner: Thomas Aquinas
Thomas: 20 Untrustable: 1

Rainbow v. Bye
Winner: Rainbow
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