Nostalgia Time with Drakken: Power rangers for Game Gear

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Nostalgia Time with Drakken: Power rangers for Game Gear

Post by drakken22 »

Ahh, the Game Gear. Not everyone had one of these, but damn did I love it. And contrary to popular belief, there were some awesome games for it, and this game is no exception.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS for the Game Gear was an awesome game, and I can say that not just from the perspective of a kid, but as a 21 year old kid too! This game had everything, and in some cases was even better then the SNES and Genesis versions. but why?

First off, when you start a level, you aren't required to play unmorphed. Thats right, you go into action as a power ranger, theres no dicking around here. Second, you get to fight in the megazord every level, instead of the last 2 levels ala snes.
Third, and this is the best part: you get to play through the evil in green saga. You get to fight tommy in the megazord.
You know, like, say....THE TV SHOW?! For a show that had such a weird plot, we have a game that follows that to the T.
That was almost unheard of back in the day!
Oh, and of course, once you beat Tommy, he joins your team, and he ends up being the only ranger you use the rest of the game. Seriously, who wants to use anyone else?!

The Graphics are unbelievably good. The sprites for the characters are big, the backgrounds are detailed and the animations are out of this world. The megazord actually transforms in game when you get ready for round 2!
The backgrounds, I have to admit distracted me. There's just so much back there that you have to look. i could actually see in the distance a building in the middle of construction.
The music however...Meh. They could have done a little better with that.

Thats not all though: this game has a fight mode, where you can duke it out against the cpu or a friend (assuming he has a game gear, this game and a link cable...good luck with that) using not only all the monsters and rangers, but the megazord, dragonzord and megadragonzord. The fighting all around is really well put together. There's plenty of movement, combos, and weapons at your disposal (my favorite is the tombstone that king sphinx uses)

Banpresto really got alot right with this game, im just sad not many have played it.
so, here's my gift to you:
Power rangers game gear rom:

go download an emulator and play the crap out of it.

4 stars out of 5.

Just played through 6 levels using the keyboard. if you can, find an emulator that supports a usb game pad. I'm currently using the Fusion 3.6 emulator, and it would not read my gamepad at all, so stay away from that one. it is IMPOSSIBLE to use special moves with the arrow keys (the common down, forward, up and punch combo are rediculously hard to pull off.)

Also, gotta say that alot of the levels are recycled, and there is a bit of a repetitive nature to the game. still fun, but it gets to you after a while. oh, and watch out for the putties that can phase in and out like kirk and spock on the holodeck. im still seeing spots from that encounter.
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Re: Nostalgia Time with Drakken: Power rangers for Game Gear

Post by AHMETxRock »

Just like an std, will never fully go away.

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Re: Nostalgia Time with Drakken: Power rangers for Game Gear

Post by hawhaw1267 »

Oh my Jesus! When I was 6 I played that game religiously. I probably beat it 90 times.

I miss the old days of video games and being a kid. No matter how repetitive the game was, you would sit there for hours to beat a game and when you finally'd hit reset and play it again. Now days I would just play a game once, beat it, toss it in the garbage that is sell backs at Gamestop. I don't know if it's the quality of the games or the youthful vigor of being a kid...but those were good times.

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Re: Nostalgia Time with Drakken: Power rangers for Game Gear

Post by Cirtur »

Have you tried tiny in-browser flash games?

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