[2012-Nov-30] Update on discovery of aliens (+ digressions)

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2012-Nov-30] Update on discovery of aliens (+ digressions)

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I bow to thee, Zach Weiner ! Thy original humour truly kicks ass.

However aliens have been identified, observed and analysed systematically by french public research for more than thirty years ! I am not sure if NASA is aware of it, it seems most scientists just don't want to know. A synthesis meant for a wide public (rapport COMETA) has been published by the GEIPAN though, you can read it online from the very official website of the CNES:

http://www.cnes-geipan.fr/index.php?id= ... news%5D=70

There seems to be no english translation however, shame on them. Personally as a student in the history of ancient science I am not surprised by the way this research is ignored.
Two striking similar examples: Elisabeth Pfeiffer concludes in “Die alten Längen- und Flächenmasse; ihr Ursprung, geometrische Darstellungen und arithmetische Werte” p. 72: “The circumference of the earth, measured with the half-pygon, a unit used by the ancient cultures of the land of the two rivers (Mesopotamia)... gives for the great circumference: 216 million lichas of 10 fingers (half-pygons of 10 fingers) = 2160 million fingers = 40075,2 km.”

This value for the equator has a margin of error of only 0,0007% with the modern data measured by space geodesy.
However historians of science keep writing that there was no cosmology other than religious in babylonian astronomy and that they certainly had no idea the earth is a spheroid.

Robert R. Newton also demonstrated in “The crime of Claudius Ptolemy” that this so-called prodigy had not made a single observation of his own but copied older tables and cooked the data to make it fit a theory and cosmology which also pre-dated his time by far.

In both cases the historical evidence is backed up by very solid mathematical proof.

My hypothesis for explaining how these conclusions of the foremost experts are not mentioned, criticised or even acknowledged is that those discoveries ridicule the mental schemes, beliefs and postures of pretty much all that has been taught since the beginning of modern history. Also in my opinion enhancing knowledge is not the ultimate goal of top scientists; they actually use research as a mean to compete with their colleagues in the struggle for personal recognition and prestige which is their primary motivation. That generalisation is simplistic of course but in my own limited experience I have witnessed behaviours which were so grossly emotional, irrational and anti-rational that they must be rooted into deep educational conditioning.

Which makes me wish I was able to draw comics about it sometimes, only reality seems to go far beyond caricature in that field.


Re: Update on discovery of aliens (+ digressions)

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