[2012-Dec-01] Good Life Points

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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Re: [2012-Dec-01] Good Life Points


I am 1/16 aboriginal, dis mah kuntry. Give me govt. money fuck ya you white kunts got no culture
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Re: [2012-Dec-01] Good Life Points

Post by carbonstealer »

I do know someone with a fully Aboriginal father, half mother who looks as lily white as myself. It's not limited to the guys who have one ancestor a while back
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Re: [2012-Dec-01] Good Life Points

Post by nobody »

how come you guys all come from places where the indigenous people were systematically exterminated?

i'm glad I come from Britain, a country that has never done anything imperialist

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Re: [2012-Dec-01] Good Life Points

Post by Kaharz »

Every time Britain tried it directly instead of through colonists they failed miserably.* The British clearly just wimps.

*The accuracy of this statement should be regarded as extremely questionable.
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Re: [2012-Dec-01] Good Life Points

Post by Astrogirl »

In Germany the indigenous people exterminate you.
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Re: [2012-Dec-01] Good Life Points

Post by DonRetrasado »

Astrogirl wrote:In Germany the indigenous people exterminate you.
yeah in my family, everyone either died fighting in WWII or got put into camps, it was a craaaazy time
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