[2014-03-31] Every time a high-school QB gets a touchdown...

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2014-03-31] Every time a high-school QB gets a touchdown...

Postby Tony » Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:09 pm

That's why it's called a sacrifice play.

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In professional hockey, they have to club a baby seal. Thank god for low-scoring games.
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Re: [2014-03-31] Every time a high-school QB gets a touchdow

Postby MisterCanoehead » Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:51 pm

I always figured "giving 110%" was like using a credit card to spend 110% of your disposable income. You could do it, but you'd have to pay it back with metaphorical interest, and in the long run it's unsustainable.

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