[2014-05-28] Fairies

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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Re: [2014-05-28] Fairies

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Liriodendron_fagotti wrote:
I'm betting he was going for credulity.
I'm very willing to believe that.


Re: [2014-05-28] Fairies

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Lupk wrote: On an unrelated note, has anyone else noticed that lately Zach seems hellbent on ruining every children fantasy ever?

He has spawn now, he has to make sure they grow up in a world where magic is dead and only science stands. Else they turn into a Harvest Moon protagonist.


Re: [2014-05-28] Fairies

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plus5keen wrote:Ack, I meant to name Morris as the person with whom I partially agreed.

As for overly-serious discussion following jokes, had you considered that we do it only to make you roll your eyes for our own amusement? (Or maybe there's some crap about taking advantage of every learning/teaching opportunity... some nerdy junk like that which certainly has never provided real-world benefits to anyone.)
I actually enjoy taking a joke apart after having laughed about it. For me nitpicking is fun in itself.

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