[2010-07-05] Time Traveler from 1892

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2010-07-05] Time Traveler from 1892

Postby PaxRomana » Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:04 am

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Re: [2010-07-05] Time Traveler from 1892

Postby DonRetrasado » Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:11 am

Good discussion!
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Re: [2010-07-05] Time Traveler from 1892

Postby GUTCHUCKER » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:54 am

I feel as though that would actually be very well received.
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Re: [2010-07-05] Time Traveler from 1892

Postby gvest » Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:11 pm

Sure it would. The first time. There are unsubstantiated rumors (I've never heard that happen to any of my LARPer friends) that there is a long standing tradition of "trekkies" crashing SCA events by pretending to be time/space travelers. They say it's no longer funny, and they (other they) should stop. (Although, again, I've never met a person to whom that ever actually happened)

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