[2017-11-18] Toddlers

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2017-11-18] Toddlers

Post by Tony »


Questions about this comic's reality:
  • Are these two parents siblings?
  • If not, were all four grandparents CHLCA's?
  • Were there other humans before these two paired and mated?
And most important,
  • Why does the Prime Momma call her toddler "she" in the main comic and then "it" in the votey?


Re: [2017-11-18] Toddlers

Post by Gvest »

The female parental unit refers to its young differently in (hopefully) earlier instances, since it hasn't yet decided to self-identify as a "She" (pronounced "shay".)

As for your other questions:
In a way
And yes.
These "humans" are a genetic mod by aliens to produce more tasty brains in chimps. Genetic variation (such as the male unit's defective X chromosome) is introduced to prevent blights. Mating by "humans" was not intended, but "nature finds a way"

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