[2019-06-26] Absent

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2019-06-26] Absent

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The correct move is to wear pants most of the time, but "forget" every now and then. Otherwise it just becomes expected and you will find yourself in case 2 (nobody cares) instead at best.


Re: [2019-06-26] Absent

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In my case, absent-minded-professor tendencies just run in the family. It is not on purpose. But we focus on whatever we are talking about or on certain things, to the exclusion of all else. ...It makes us terrible with directions (focus on the road, completely forget which turns to take), able to rant for hours on a wide number of subjects, and completely oblivious and unobservant many times. We do tend to know a lot about topics that interest us.
One time I searched for my glasses for 3 hours before realizing I was looking through them. I can't see past abut a foot without them, so that took some major lack of observation skills.

I don't forget to wear pants, though. But I feel really uncomfortable without them to an almost debilitating amount. ...I even need to wear them under skirts and dresses if I need to wear those.

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