[2019-12-10] Classical

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2019-12-10] Classical

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I can't tell if "PC police" is a pun (with PC standing for both Political Correctness and Personal Computer), or just a coincidence. Because we all know that quantum computing is not in the personal computing market, and won't be for at least the next few years. I may be out of my depth but I'm pretty sure that a quantum processor doesn't even offer any benefit to an average joe, they're mostly useful for research and for breaching security - so they may never reach the mainstream personal computers.

I guess what I'm saying is, if that "PC police" bit was a pun, I don't appreciate it in the slightest.

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Re: [2019-12-10] Classical

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I don't know about the pun, but it seems it's really hard to do satire now when reality is this weird:
I mean, not only are folks writing letters of complaint arguing that using the word (sorry, 'descriptor') "supremacy" is somehow irresponsible, but Nature sees fit to publish it...

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NeatNit wrote: quantum is not in the PC market
which is why the PC Police won't tell you how inferior classicals are to the quantum super-computer.
Uhh... what an inferior article... PREJUDICE IMPLIED. The author evidently needs their head examined. I suppose, coming up to X-mas, we should not speak of ``nativity'' scenes, but rather ``origination''. Anyway, there are more apt words than advantage for the Saxonist.

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