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Postby GUTCHUCKER » Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:35 am

I printed my previous attempt at beginning a story so that I could devour it. My many gastroliths will grind it to a pulp.

The wine glass shines. A drop of dark red glistens on the rim as she raises it to her lips and takes a sip. She
smiles, but not at the taste, which is nothing new. It's meant for the man across the candlelit table in front of
her. A quick reassurance, as he is not at ease in populated surrounds. His shirt is pure black, darker than a
moonless night and it stands out in stark contrast to her succulent red dress and the white flower patterns on the
yellow tablecloth. He returns her smile with a nervous grin then goes back to fussing with his battered fedora.
This makes her smile more. So cute.
They finish their meal of drink and expressions as they always do. He's always too nervous to order, she's never
seen eating. As they stand to leave, he takes the rose from the center of the table and presents it to her. She
accepts it gracefully, loving that he has no idea how to act. After so long it's somehow refreshing. He whispers
an endearment as she leads the way out of the restaurant. He's good at those, but she forgives him this time.
The man offers to walk her home, as he did the last time, she nods and keeps walking. The street lights which
beam overhead do their best impression of overlit beacons in an endarkened world. They turn into a suburb and the
light runs out to be replaced by stars and light canopy. His step does not falter and they navigate the pitch-
black streets. He's no longer nervous, but now seems to exude confidence. That's one reason she knows.
He's distracted by something, as she can see from the soft red light illuminating the underbrim of his hat.
Sometimes he lets it slip. That's another reason she knows.
There's another part of the date she thinks he's good at, and that's at the end, when he leaves. That's okay.
She's always taken it slow as she knows they have plenty of time, even if he doesn't know she knows. They've
reached her house. The front porch is clearly visible in a circle of light. She steps into the lamp beam and he
does not follow. He bids her goodnight and she returns the favour. She pauses at the door, having just unlocked
it, love heart on a chain dangling past her wrist. Her skin seems to shine brighter as she grasps his shirt
and pulls him into a passionate kiss; screw going slowly. She releases him and giggles, he sways stunned as she
darts inside and closes the door. Now for her favourite part. He thinks she can't see him because he slips away
in the deepest shadows, but she can. She listens to the rustle of unfurling skin and watches him go, silhouetted
against the full moon. That's the last reason she knows. She turns away from the window.

He arrives at his apartment with a thump. In case you were wondering, his name is Acerbus. Acerbus knows his
name is a bit over the top, but once you've already picked it out, what can you do? Sometimes his name is
shortened to Ace. He unlocks his door and slips inside, careful not to make any noise that might disturb his
neighbours. He likes to slip into something more comfortable when nobody else is awake. His watch blinks 11:03
as he takes it off and dumps it on the kitchen bench. His clothes are switched for tough scaly leather. His
boots are replaced by sharpened ivory that clicks on the floor as he walks. His eyes glow, his wings unfurl, his
tail grows and his neck lengthens slightly as he reaches hungrily for the fridge. A hunk of mince is retrieved
from a shelf by a taloned hand and the plastic base and wrapping are discarded. The sizzling stove is interrupted
by a terrified squeal and he turns. Oh shit! Apparently one of the neighbours was still awake fuck why
didn't I lock the door I have to run
! The lady from next door stands transfixed by the crimson eye-lights of
the scaled beast before her, the frying pan in its claws ludicrously out of place. It tosses the pan and searches
frantically for an exit, but the door is blocked by the frightened woman, so it turns around and bursts through
the kitchen wall and into the next apartment over. Oops shit Ace bashes down the apartment's screen door
and jumps off the third floor balcony, hits the ground with a grunt and tears off into the street.
The wind blows the plaster off his front as he races down the sidewalk, claws throwing up chips of concrete with
each step. His wings are folded behind him and his arms are held at his sides to avoid drag. He doesn't know
that he's headed into the city as his usual mode of travel takes him far above it, which leads to other
unfortunate circumstances. The first moving car he smashes into flips onto its side and slides into a building,
the passenger door smashed in by the force of his impact. The arm he managed to put out before he hit hangs limp
as he sways in shock, horrified by the damage he caused. The car that was behind that one slams on its brakes but
hits him anyway and he rolls up the bonnet and over the roof. Ace hits the ground and lies there groaning. With
a superhuman effort he manages to push himself up and stagger into a nearby alleyway, blood painting the ground
behind him. He makes it quite a way before he falls and the lights go out.
The police and ambulance arrive at the scene, sirens wailing as bystanders collect like pooling blood. Somehow,
nobody died during the disaster. Witnesses claim that a black blur smashed into a car, rolled over another and
then fled into an alleyway. When the police follow the blood trail, they find nothing.

Acerbus wakes up lying on his front shit too much light can't see straight nevermind back to sleep.
He wakes up again and hears voices.
"Shit, it's moving! Strap it in." A man's voice.
"Are you kidding me? It had FIFTEEN broken bones when we brought it in. I'm not having it moved!" A woman this
"It's a fucking dragon! Look, the fact that it survived those injuries tells me this thing is tough as nails. A
few straps aren't going to hurt."
"Fine then."
He opens his eyes and turns his head to focus on the fellow currently tying his arms, legs and tail to the bed.
It's slightly more difficult than usual when you are emitting red light from your eyeballs. The man leans over
and looks him in the face.
"Damn but he looks evil. How could you not want to tie him down?"
"Well, if you're dumb enough to judge a book by its cover, maybe you would. But you're not evil, are you honey?"
She leaned over and smiled at Acerbus. He shook his head. The smile dropped off her face. He blinked at her.
"What?" David had made himself busy with paperwork somewhere at the back of the room.
"I think it understands us."
While they argue over the likelihood of his existence, Acerbus decides to lift his head and look around the room,
his head throbbing with the effort. He seems to be in some kind of single charge hospital room, with a plain
white bed and curtains and a cluttered table in the opposite corner from him near to the door, which is closed.
The two people wearing lab coats are having a serious chat near said table and occasionally glance at Ace. He can
faintly smell animal refuse and fur - a vetinary hospital? - and a few unidentified chemicals. He guesses that it
is morning since he can hear bird chatter through the curtained window. He sighs and wonders how he got here.
Oh. The events of that night come back to him in a rush of sweet wines and crashing cars. He was running
away from his apartment, then he went onto the street, then there was that impact... He remembers nothing after
that except fragmented memories of screams and broken limbs, some of which were his own. Testing his arm now, he
finds he is able to lift it with only a twinge of pain, oops there goes the bed's railing. Apparently it's been a
few days since then. Still, it was a pretty good night up until that point.
Oh well, time to move. Acerbus pushes himself off the bed and stands up, prompting a very worried look from
David, who begins backing toward the doorway. The lady vetinarian, however, seems fascinated, probably by his
ability to move normally only several days after being smacked around like a pinball. Ace inspects himself.

1484 words
Edited to remove dickish comment at start
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Re: No Conversation

Postby smiley_cow » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:00 pm

OK, that got interesting fast. Dragons!
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Re: No Conversation

Postby Kimra » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:14 pm

Did you say dragons? Well now I'll have to read this.
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Re: No Conversation

Postby GUTCHUCKER » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:16 pm

Unfortunately I seem to have given him God Mode.
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Re: No Conversation

Postby Kimra » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:16 am

Why you no write more Gutchucker? You should write more.
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Re: No Conversation

Postby GUTCHUCKER » Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:59 am

Ooh, I just figured out how to repair the big fuckup I wrote earlier! Time to write.
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