Works of Epic Fantasy

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Re: Works of Epic Fantasy

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smiley_cow wrote:Has anyone else here ever read "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle? This should be under my earlier post under favourite fantasy books, because this might be my all time favourite, but for some reason it just slipped my mind until recently.
I have and I loved it. The movie was one of my favorites as a kid. The book has so much more to offer an adult audience though.

Also I just finished the Black Company by Glen cook. One of my new favorite authors for that and his Garrett P.I. series, which is noir meets high fantasty. First person view point style, both offer very intricate worlds implied but not droned on in detail.
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Re: Works of Epic Fantasy

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Has anyone read anything by Brent Weeks?
He's done the Night Angel series, which is amazing once you get past the slightly cliched "apprentice assasin" theme, and he's started a new series with the most inventive magic system I've ever seen. In the books, magic is linked to colours, so if a "red drafter" can see red light he can create red "luxin", which is a flammable gel, and blue drafters (when they can see something blue) can make blue luxin, which is a hard solid. Each colour of luxin has different properties. Also, there are "bichromes" who can draft two colours and "polychromes" for three or more. Good books.

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Re: Works of Epic Fantasy

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wolf wrote:I highly recommend Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. A grime look into the future with ties with genetic engineering. Love novels that deal with dystopian elements.
I absolutely loved Oryx and Crake. I wouldn't call it fantasy by any means though. I really want to read the companion book she wrote to it.

As for fantasy material, The Master and Margarita is quite good.

I was going to mention Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, but happily saw that it was covered. I loved it. The universe she made was incredible. Reminded me of Dune in its scope. I read it several years ago now, I might reread it this summer.
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