Kindle 2

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Kindle 2

Post by ZachWeiner »

I want it so bad. SO BAD. Anyone have one of these?

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Re: Kindle 2

Post by Edminster »

I had a chance to play with the original Kindle, and I have to say I was very impressed. I'm kinda worried about the durability of this new one, since a short drop with a sudden stop was enough to do in the original, and that thing was a beast.
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Re: Kindle 2

Post by mountainmage »

I have 4 dollars in my wallet, and less than 30 in my bank account. That should answer any further questions.
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Re: Kindle 2

Post by ruotwocone »

meh, i'm illiterate so it won't do much for me.

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Re: Kindle 2

Post by Sahan »

Guess I should post this, because I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.
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Re: Kindle 2

Post by Asherian »

I don't have a kindle, I do have a sony e-reader though which is the same sorta thing. I like it alright, the biggest pain is buying books for it instead of in hard copy. Makes it harder to share them around, plus re-buying all of my books I already own is finically unfeasible to say the least.

I've not used it for its hitchhiker function, only paper variant. The whole my book can run out of batteries sucks too.
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Re: Kindle 2

Post by AHMETxRock »

The novelty of printed reading still stands. However, the kindle definately makes reading easier.

Honestly, look at the progression from A-trac tapes, to records, to cd players, to mp3.
Imagine how accessible literature can become. Instead of needing a pack for all my college texts, I can easily carry a small tablet that will contain the texts. Hopefully they'll have a feature that you can write and take notes, highlight lines you find relevant, save documents, etc.

I think it's possible, just not profitable. It'll progress just like mp3 players and cell phones and cameras and dvd players. Remember when a Dvd player was 200 dollars for a crappy one?
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