[2011-May-22] Pop Music

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[2011-May-22] Pop Music

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Was music better back in your day than it is today?

Damn kids! Get off my lawn!

I think that music is all relative. Like in the 90s, Grunge rock was awesome, but boy bands sucked hardcore. So I don't think things are all black and white.

Best decade of music? It would have to be the 80s. ...1780s that is. Come on, Beethoven AND Mozart rocking the music halls? How can you beat that?!

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Re: #2253 Pop Music [2011-May-22]


Classical seems fine to me, I listen to it on occasion. I like rock, death metal, the occasional soppy love song bullshit, techno, blues, jazz and all kinds of other shit. Lots of music inspires emotion and feelings of awe in me, or just have a level of skill I can appreciate. Or some funky-ass beats 'cause I love that shit.
Anything else I like is probably in a genre I don't know the name of, since I don't really give a damn about that sort of thing.
My parents don't like rock because they say it's too loud for them, mum doesn't like techno because she groups all techno with the repetitive BOOMP BOOMP shit you hear everywhere.
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Re: #2253 Pop Music [2011-May-22]

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Everyone knows the peak of music as an art form was Pavement*.

*Actually, it was Black Sabbath and 70s doom metal, but whatever, tomato, tomato.
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Re: Pop Music [2011-May-22]

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