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Re: Dino Baby - Updates

Post by DonRetrasado »

I don't care what anyone says, I liked The Spirits Within.
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Re: Dino Baby - Updates

Post by Oldrac the Chitinous »

It had a space laser! What's not to like?
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Re: Dino Baby - Updates

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DonRetrasado wrote:I don't care what anyone says, I liked The Spirits Within.
I remember liking parts of it quite a bit. The whole, though, was disappointing.

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Re: Dino Baby - Updates

Post by Asherian »

I enjoyed it- but I wasn't a final fantasy fan to have expectations beyond pretty CGI movie.

Also I had nothing to do with the mario hat picture- my sister took it and sent it to me and I just enjoyed it.
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Re: Dino Baby - Updates

Post by Euclidthegreek »

Modern technology is so amazing. Who would have thought they would ever be able to make robot dinosaurs come out of meat-women?
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Re: Dino Baby - Updates

Post by carbonstealer »

I never thought it could be a reality but I certainly dreamed that it could be
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