[2012-Jun-16] Not Quite Copyright Infringement

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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Re: [2012-June-16] Not Quite Copyright Infringement

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Kimra wrote:Next they'll be denying us the right to say "We'll rape your arse if you don't come to this fucken country."

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Re: [2012-June-16] Not Quite Copyright Infringement

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I see now.....(also, my grammar sucks)

Re: [2012-June-16] Not Quite Copyright Infringement

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It appears in this strip that Garfield is suffering from severe anguish after losing his best friend. The fact that he typically did not demonstrate this feeling of friendship to Odie further conflicts the pain he is going through, and therefore blames himself for Odie's death. In an attempt to escape the pain, he eats his favorite food to cope, often binging uncontrollably to find himself in a greater state of regret, but justifying it on the grounds of an existential perspective he has developed from contemplating the incident. Greatly complicating his emotions, his constant fear of being to blame for Odie's death has caused him to in turn blame the incident on the day of the week that the incident occurred on, Monday, declaring his eternal hate for it. His knowledge of the fact that he can never tell Odie exactly how he feels has driven him to a deranged mental state where he relies on an irrational solution (but the most likely way to resolve his overwhelming pain), which he will most likely attempt to carry out until he suffers complications and dies alone.

Poignancy is a beautiful thing. It is something that all humans can relate to on a deeper level, and therefore brings us closer to one another through empathy. Despite these events, we are mentally hardwired to accept the loss of hopes and dreams and carry forward, as we are forced to do regardless of the way we feel. The pangs of life can take a multitude of forms, many of them musical, and many of them humorous. It is our choice to decide how we cope with the inevitable loneliness of death.

.....or the author was just showing a creative twist to an otherwise 'used to be funny' cartoon. Either way, job well done. Golf claps

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