[2017-11-09] Grim

Blame Quintushalls for this.

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[2017-11-09] Grim

Post by Tony »


Well done, Abby! Even if the Cheerful Reaper weren't going around killing people all day, the lack of nose, lips, and irises would definitely spike the reading on my Fluke™ Creepimeter.

Other thoughts:
  • This seems like a continuation of yesterday's comic, with the happy guy continuing as a reaper after his execution or death in prison. He did ask "to always be happy" after all...
  • Doesn't the term "Grim Reaper" imply the existence of other reapers? If he were the only one, wouldn't he just be called the Reaper?
  • If he preferred an alliterative option, he could have gone with the Humorless Harvester or the Cold Culler.
As an aside,


Re: [2017-11-09] Grim

Post by jutzin »

wow, abby howard is an excellent artist. gonna buy one of her books right now.

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