Conan O'Brien taking Jay Leno's spot

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Re: Conan O'Brien taking Jay Leno's spot

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AHMETxRock wrote:But all of that is unneccessary. I'm also going by a pg-13 rating on cussin here. Sorry. Little siblings can't get that exposure.
I'd like to see the two without writers. Give them time to prepare one day by themselves, and see who comes out on top.
Stewart has a very different delivery. It tends to be more based on sarcastic delivery and body language. And he raises his voice.
Colbert is also sarcastic, but it is so much more deeply rooted. Right into his character. As is pretty much everything about his delivery.
I love both, but Colbert is more of a joy to watch.

It would be a tough battle without writers. Stewart has very good improvisation (the scene with him and Will Ferrell in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was nearly all improv). But then again, so must Colbert, to stay in character so thoroughly.

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Re: Conan O'Brien taking Jay Leno's spot

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Well Colbert was in theater before he was on T.V. so he would probably do good improv. Then again, Jon Stewart's interviews are mostly improv, and those can be very funny, depending on the guest. Like I said before, they're both equally funny, just in different ways.
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