May 18, 2011
Whee! It's been too long since I did something completely dorktastic.

Also, today's comic features SMBC reader Darrell M. Stark, who bought a cameo at the breadpig party. I'll be doing a bunch more of these over the coming months. Hooray for nerds, comics, and good causes.
May 17, 2011
It's been a while since I did a graph joke. In other news, the new books should begin shipping as of today!
May 16, 2011
BAM. That nearly killed me.

Enjoy this video (NSFW):

May 15, 2011
Oh shnizzle! Updating from SMBC Theater HQ where James is celebrating his 30th birthday. WOOH!
May 14, 2011
Check out super cool Anna in the second panel! Kelly's the newest nerd over at Science... sort of.