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SMBC is being published!

This book is being put out by a Finnish company, so the books are only in Finnish language. However, they contain a lot of the old comics that were taken down from the archives a while back. No doubt most of you don't speak Finnish, but please think of this as a collector's item. Only 3,000 will ever be printed, but you can preorder now!

As most of you know, I've very rarely sold SMBC related merch, since I wanted to make it of a high quality. As such, it's been difficult for me to do SMBC full time the way I'd like to. Putting in a pre-order for a copy of this book would go a long way toward helping me get there. Plus, you'll get 180 comics in high quality!

If you show me a copy of the book at a con, I promise to sign it, sketch in it, and do a little dance for you.

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Okay, I'm back, and I have some Internet access. Sorry for the rushed art on today's, but I should be back to my old update schedule as of this evening. Expect at least one update tonight.