September 8, 2009
Wow. My entire body feels like soreness, thanks to yesterday's ridiculous shooting (okay, and possibly from the two hours of ping pong I may or may not have played).

Also, it's Tuesday, which means EMBEDDED VIDEO LOVIN. Anyone who subscribes this week gets my eternal gratitude and THE HIGH SCORE.

September 7, 2009
YO! Some insanity this morning prevented my update, but guess what? It's MONDAY, and that means NEW SKETCH COMEDY GOLD.

How's your labor day going?
September 6, 2009
Wow. Wrapped from today's sketch comedy shoot around 1:30. Came home. Drew comics. Hi, Internet at 2:25 AM!

September 5, 2009
September 4, 2009
Kapow! People seem to be really enjoying the new vid. Checkit!