October 24, 2010
October 23, 2010
BAM! Today's my totally-hot-but-that's-just-incidental-the-main-thing-is-she's-intelligent wife's birthday! Please make Kelly happy by visiting her total nerd blog and saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NERD."
October 22, 2010
Whee! Did you check out Ryan and Malki's new book?
October 21, 2010
Not even sure this makes sense anymore. Good luck!
October 20, 2010
Did I mention that I love the new video? (mildly NSFW).

Also, I've had a few complaints about popup and audio ads lately. There shouldn't be any, but with as many pageviews as we serve now, a few sometimes slip through. If you see one of these, please email me the URL and who served it (if you can find out), and I'll ban it immediately. Thanks!