February 25, 2013
NEW VIDEO DAY! This one provides valuable lessons about "computer hacking."

February 24, 2013
Are you into biology? Are you in the Boston/Cambridge area? Then you should submit for the event we're holding on April 20th at MIT!
February 23, 2013
SMBC Theater fans! A word from James. We're looking for a few good geeks:

"AFTER EFFECTS COMPOSITORS! PROGRESS CONTINUES! We are sending the first two LOCKED episodes of our space opera STARPOCALYPSE to the composer! But we can't share them until we complete the final scenes in 3, 4, and 5! WE'RE SO CLOSE!

If you have experience with Space Ships, Magic Powers, Explosions, and AWESOMENESS send us a note @ smbctheater@gmail.com. Help us get this project across the finish line and share our first webseries with the world!

Dictator James
February 22, 2013
Wow. 1708% of our goal. Best. Readers. Ever.
February 21, 2013
Last 24 hours of the kickstarter. Thanks so much again to everyone who participated, and everyone who put up with constantly being bugged about the project. Things like this really make running this little operation a whole lot more relaxing.