January 29, 2008

Forum's gettin' all fancy, per all you guys' requests. I may add a section on books for the literati among us.

January 28, 2008
Hey guys, what would you think if I made t-shirts of this comic?

More to the point, would you buy it?
January 27, 2008
Hey, hopefully everyone can read the site now. We're server nomads at the moment, but everything should be cleared up by Wednesday.

Meantime... uh, what's a good topic for discussion...

Hey, how 'bout that SUPERBOWL?
January 26, 2008

Having website issues. Will be resolved in near future. Incapable of using articles.

January 25, 2008

Some crazy/wonderful people are paying far too much for the current skyscraper ads. Please do me a favor and check them out. It's just a click of a mouse, and really helps support SMBC for the future.

* * *
Neat! Signed up a bunch of new people for the forum.

A few people noted that a comic like SMBC doesn't really necessitate a forum, but I'm not entirely sure I agree. Bearing in mind that I'm biased from a business standpoint (forumgoers = loyal readers), I do believe that SMBC has the potential for a strong community. SMBC markets to an audience that is, I hope, funny, intelligent, and open to a broad range of humor.

Additionally, SMBC comics do deal with real topics now and again. I've had a number of strips on religion, evolution, relationships, parents, etc. Of course, many are just ridiculous jokes, but I'd like to think at least a couple are worthy of a little chatter.

I could also cite a number of comics that have healthy forums despite having comics that don't necessitate a lot of discussion. In fact, explosm.net is probably the best example of this.

In any case, I'm definitely happy just having the comment board, but I sure wouldn't mind having a few more voices in the forum. Have a life concern? A controversial view? A crappy joke? Consider checking it out.

* * *

In other news, I'm running ads on the following sites currently:


Also, starting Tuesday, I'll be running an add at Misfile.com.

These are all good strips worth checking out.

So, first off, I wanted to say hi to all the new readers. I hope you enjoy the strip.

Second, if you're looking to buy an ad with SMBC, right now you'll probably get a pretty ridiculously good CPM. Just sayin'.

Thank you to everyone sending kind words and/or signing up for the forum.