February 6, 2008
UPDATE: Votey comics are back! Sorry for the slight lull in updates. As some of you may know, in addition to doing SMBC and a few other things, I'm a full-time Physics student. I do my best to hit updates on time, but there are bound to be a few late ones here and there over the course of the semester. Longtime readers know that I almost always make up for missed updates by doing double and triple updates when I can.


Votey comics will be up in the morning. I had them all set, but at the last moment decided I didn't like the new comic.

Hope ya like grammar jokes!
February 5, 2008

Working on voteys as we speak!

February 4, 2008

Update: Hey, sorry for the missed update. I wasn't happy with any of my ideas last night. I'll have several updates up during this afternoon.

Hey guys, votey comics will be up late tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.


February 3, 2008

Made Thai curry today. Wooh!

February 2, 2008
Sorry for the late update. I was busy rocking out to DIO all night long.

Or possibly doing something boring. Who knows?