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Voteys will be late again. Been having a bit of dreaded CARTOONIST'S BLOCK. But, I think I have some good ideas for tomorrow. My rule is that ever comic I do could potentially be someone's favorite, so sometimes I get comics up late in order to preserve some level of quality.

Who likes math proof jokes?!
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Anyone believe in aliens?
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Posted February 22, 2008 at 12:00 am
Hey folks, thought I'd link to this.

Readers of this blog will see echoes of the Dave Kelly/Todd Goldman thing, and rightfully so. This is more or less exactly the same. A large company working through freelancers printed a shirt with a design ostensibly ripped off of a webcartoonist.

I had a long rant about what I think about this sort of merch, and whether or not it's worth getting upset about, but then I realized nobody (myself included) cares. I feel I ought to show it out of some sense of solidarity, but I don't honestly have terribly strong feelings one way or the other.

MORE IMPORTANTLY! I got the best email ever the other day:


I wanted to say that this strip:


is one of the best science jokes I have ever seen. I liked it so much that I was inspired to start a new project:

I remembered that lots of biology teachers are using Gary Larson cartoons to teach their courses, since remembering something is far easier when it's connected to a good joke. Thus I started a wiki which collects links to such jokes and also explains the punchline as an aid to teachers and those who want to increase their understanding of science on their own:


I entered a link to your strip (together with an explanation) here:


I hope you like the idea of the wiki, and I'll have to go through your archives to add links to your other science jokes as well. Anyway, I hope you like the idea of the wiki. Keep up the good work!


- Jurgen Hubert

Sounds awesome! Go go go!