This is Wolverine and Magneto's first appearance in SMBC.

Also, Sean Carroll, Hero of Physics, is helping bring science into classrooms via donations. So, for those of you who are hoping the next generation of scientists succeeds in making flying cars and time machines, now's your chance to make a difference. For each dollar donated, I'll drink ten gallons of hot sauce. I won't show it or do anything to prove it, but it definitely will happen. Dig deep, brothas and sistas.
Calc midterm in 3.5 hours. Pray for me.

Today's webcomic link is John Allison of the well-known comic Scary Go Round. Damn that limey bastard and his, what's it called... talent.
I felt like, after a few days of perversion, murder, and drugs, I needed to put things back on track with a bible story.

Today's webcomic homey is the celebrated, beloved, and very tall Ryan North, of Dinosaur Comics. If you're not familiar with Dinosaur comics, you've probably got your head in the... the... what's that grainy stuff on the beach? I forget, since I never leave my apartment.
Okay, I'm a liar.

Also, it looks like I'll be at JohnCon this year. So, anyone in that area, mark your calendars and bring LOADS OF CASH. I'll have more info on that when it's available.