BAM. An update on time? Why, I must be some sort of god...

I still owe a number of people shout outs, but it's 1 AM, and I have to be up early tomorrow. In lieu of that, I'll share some books I've been reading recently.

His List Bow - A reasonably good Sherlock Holmes compilation, though clearly off the peak. One more book, and I'll have read them all.

The Commanding Heights - An interesting book on economic deregulation in the second half of the twentieth century. The authors had the poor fortune to be publishing just before the dot com bubble, but it makes for an interesting perspective.

Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone - A fairly good non-fiction work on the famous explorers of Africa. Not an amazing book, but it piqued my interest on the topic.

I'm currently reading iWoz by Steve Wozniak. I'm two chapters in, and so far it's literally nothing but him talking about what a brilliant third-grader he was. I mean, I'm a massive narcissist, but this guy makes me feel like a Quaker by comparison. I wonder if he honestly thinks readers are interested in why his 4th grade science fair project was a better harbinger of his future excellence than his 3rd grade science fair project.